HIT Training and Job Seeking

I received the following email from a LinkedIn connection regarding searching for a position while taking HIT courses:

Hi Julie

I am a physical therapist in private practice.  I have bought two EMRs and built my own hybrid CDS that is HITECH compliant and I’m going to do the 6-month non-degree HIT program at Santa Fe college in Gainesville, Florida (online).

 Do you think there are any companies that would need my skills now or should I just wait till after I complete the 6 month program?

 Thank you,



My answer:

Hi Tim,

This is a very good question and I was faced with a similar scenario.  It sounds like you have a fantastic skill set already and you could market yourself as is.  However, based on my experience and what I know, I would get my ducks in a row first and then hit the job search hard.  Between your clinical experience, the hands-on IT and the HIT education, you are going to be well-equipped to argue your case for an HIT position.  In the meantime, if you happen to see an opportunity that seems like a match—go for it, but do not spend your time or resources actively searching, especially when you are already gainfully employed. 


PLEASE CHIME IN WITH COMMENTS–it would be great to hear other perspectives and experiences.  It seems like we are all trying to find our way on this HIT landscape…


About Julie

My credentials include a Master's Certificate in Health Informatics, a CHPSE certification (Certified HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert), and certification in HL7 (Health Level 7). The multidisciplinary approach to equipping myself to enter the healthcare IT sector is consistent with my professional background in sales, management, healthcare, and recruiting. I also have a BA in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan, which as been invaluable in my professional life for exceling in sales, change management, and laying down an excellent foundation from which I was able to build effective communication skills with professionals of all levels.

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