ONC applauds Community College Consortia grads | Healthcare IT News

ONC applauds Community College Consortia grads | Healthcare IT News.

Over 2000 “HIT professionals” will graduate this month from these Community College Consortia(s).  According to the ONC, we HIT professionals, are a new workforce filling a critical need.  Now the challenge is to get the actual HIT employers to realize that there is a critical need and that this new group of HIT professionals are equipped to work and excel in their organizations.  The question is, how do we raise that awareness?


About Julie

My credentials include a Master's Certificate in Health Informatics, a CHPSE certification (Certified HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert), and certification in HL7 (Health Level 7). The multidisciplinary approach to equipping myself to enter the healthcare IT sector is consistent with my professional background in sales, management, healthcare, and recruiting. I also have a BA in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan, which as been invaluable in my professional life for exceling in sales, change management, and laying down an excellent foundation from which I was able to build effective communication skills with professionals of all levels.

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