BlogHCI is simply a way to stay up to date and organized regarding the maelstrom of activity in the HIT space.  I will address new technology, HIPAA, HITECH, HIEs in an attempt to keep my finger on the pulse of changes and important issues affecting HIT.  My hope is while I am educating myself, this will be a forum for novices and professionals to discuss pressing issues of the day as well as the grounding principles underlying health IT.  Ultimately, my goal is to bridge that gap between clinicians and IT folks, a necessary collaboration to fully realize the potential of health information technology across the nation.   

  1. Great site! Helped me get a handle on HCI so I have some idea of what it’s going to take to initially implement. Will check back periodically.

    • Thanks, Bri Guy. I appreciate your support and glad the content helped. When you do come back, there will be more. BTW–good luck with your business venture in the Big Apple! I’d like a soft pretzel and a slice of cheese pizza, folded over, please! 😉

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