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The Importance of Health Care IT Certifications

I sent the following as an email to former fellow classmates:

I want to share an article on the value of certifications from Healthcare IT News—“IT Certifications Increasingly Important to Hiring Process” at

 In early January, instead of going through the usual application process, I emailed the CIO of a local 350-bed hospital with a cover letter and resume.  Later that day, I learned there was a hiring freeze, so I was shocked when the CIO called me the same evening and said he wanted to set up an interview.  He claimed my HIPAA certification caught his attention. 

 One of the top issues facing healthcare entities in 2011 is HIPAA compliance.  Subsequently, even if you are employed, a HIPAA certification is a valuable notch in your belt and may even help to open otherwise closed doors.  I invite you to peruse the possibilities by clicking here or contact me directly for more information.

Warm Regards,