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Who Cares About This Blog?

Two years ago, when I was delving into the broad field of HIT, I didn’t know where to start.  I was learning how to navigate on LinkedIn and joined some groups, but had to look up every other word and acronym.  With HIT being so broad and fairly new, I could not find a single source to put together all of the disparate bits of information gleaned from these discussions in a way I could understand. 

If you’re new to HIT, you definitely want to check out the acronyms and read a couple of my articles (they’re short!).  I will be sharing my strategy for equipping myself to enter this market and the challenges I’ve faced along the way.  My learning continued post-certifications via many discussions with gurus in the field, lots of research and vigilance.  Even HIT professionals agree to disagree on interpretations of current developments in the industry.  This may be frustrating at times, but the dynamism of this industry makes it exciting. 

For you compliance gurus (you know who you are!), implementation specialists, nurse informaticists and the rest of the eclectic professionals working in the HIT space, feel free to inform and guide the rest of us and debate each other.  In my experience, authorities in this industry have been extremely generous with sharing their wisdom and offering advice.  I hope that continues to be the case here.