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In addition to staying active (in an attempt to age “gracefully”), I enjoy a good movie and a well-written book. Documentaries and independent films are a passion of mine and I listen to many, many books on my iPod. I love podcasts like “This American Life” and “The Moth” and listen while I’m exercising, driving or cleaning house.

IAVA: Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America


IAVA addresses critical issues facing new veterans and their families, including mental health, traumatic brain injury, a stretched VA system, inadequate health coverage for national guardsmen and reservists, and outdated GI Bill educational benefits.

You can help without leaving this website and without spending any money.  Click on the IAVA link on the right and you will be taken through a couple of ads that will require you to click on images.  This literally takes just a few minutes and you will be contributing to a timely and worthy cause.

Thanks so much!