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The Reality of HIT Opportunities

This is a post from an experienced health care professional in a discussion group on LinkedIn:

 What is the future of EMR consultants? Workflow analysis consultants, Integration specialists? I have a background in the health care field to include; radiology, cardiology, womens diagnostics, neurology, and pain management. Also a degree in Management Information Systems. Seems like with the government stimulus promised, there would be an abundance of these jobs? Most positions I have seen on job sites are commission only? Advice anyone?

Her experience mirrors mine in that the positions that are advertised are commission-based and for the opportunities that do offer a salary, the organization requires experience with specific vendor products.  At the same time, the media reports research that predicts a massive shortage in HIT-qualified staff–not enough people to fill all of those positions created by the forward movement of health informatics, federal legislation and incentives. 

Here is an individual who possesses both the clinical and IT sides of HIT and is having difficulty finding opportunities.

We’re looking for insight and advice…thanks in advance!