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My Soul To Take Review

My Soul to Take Clip

This review is in brown because this movie is rated “beige,” and that is not a good thing.

The very beginning of the movie is intriguing and literally shakes you up.  However, as soon as the teenagers (all born premature on the same day) gather in the woods for a ceremony–I won’t spoil the movie here–the movie loses the tremendous momentum of the opening act.  It’s as if another writer and director took over—like Wes Craven said, “Okay, young man, you take over now.  See what you can do.”  The remaining 3/4 of the movie is predictable, silly and the whole premise doesn’t hold together. 

The truth is, I was exhausted and the plot was so painfully bad, I fell asleep and woke up to the end credits.   Just to close the loop, if somebody would like to fill me in on how it ends, let me know!